Interstellar Girl 33pct

Conn Garrow, the Girl on the Moon and the Girl on Mars, is now a woman on a mission. Will Conn and humankind be ready for an alien onslaught that’s surely coming? Find out in Interstellar Girl, coming soon!

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The Girl on the Moon series –

“Surprisingly, even better than The Martian.”

“Could not put it down, as it took me back to reading Heinlein’s juveniles from the 1950s.”

“Reminded me of Arthur C. Clarke. I have not enjoyed a piece of science fiction this much in years.

Girl on Mars cover 500

A great story in the Heinlein tradition that is well written and really entertaining.”

The same compelling qualities that Girl on the Moon has: Good characters, a good storyline, and realistic dialog.

Wonderfully crafted with multiple plots. I couldn’t put the book down.

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