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[T]his is a very robust story with a bit of hard science, intrigue and suspense. The characters are written with a lot of heart, strength and humaness. There is a lot of background to digest and more than one mystery to solve as the story takes the reader from the ocean floor to the moon, Tethys, in orbit around Saturn….This is a great story that just continues getting better and better. It doesn’t let up.

PMSteve, (5 stars for Girl on the Moon)

First off, this book is not like The Martian (which I also read and enjoyed immensely). It is, surprisingly, even better than The Martian. Secondly, this is not merely a science fiction story. It is much more than that. It is a compelling, intelligent novel about complex human beings, realistically facing unprecedented issues, in the near future. The characters, especially the central character, are fully rounded personalities, with virtues and flaws….I forced myself to “slow read” this book, because I did not want it to end. I am astonished that this is the author’s first full novel. I will eagerly await what he writes next.

William B. Fokes (5 stars for Girl on the Moon)

Yet what feels even more real than the slightly-advanced tech are the emotional interactions, the jealousy and envy and spite, the admiration and aspiration and generosity, the fear and delight, displayed by all these people, human and alien alike. New authors (and sometimes veteran writers as well) can make the mistake of painting characters as either black or white. Burnett dodges this bullet; even Conn is a frustratingly messy mix of emotional reactions.

DrPat (5 stars for Girl on the Moon)

Pauper by Jack McDonald Burnett is a well thought out book with a wonderful cast of characters and terrific complex plot.

Montzalee Wittmann (5 stars for Pauper)

A wonderful short story. I held my breath during some of the decisions characters were making. I really enjoyed the descriptions of existing in space as well – very clear, in such a way that you could picture the beauty and bleakness.

Shell Presto (5 stars for “Lost Moon”)

This is an excellent story. The quality is indisputable.

—Judge, LFA/SFL short fiction contest, story anthologized in Imagining Liberty: Volume 1

The lead characters are women, but this never feels forced or contrived. These are simply great characters with interesting lives confronted with the power of the state actively trying to prevent the peaceful progress of their lives.

Ethicist (5 stars for the anthology Defiant, She Advanced)

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