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Conn Garrow, the Girl on the Moon, returns in a new adventure with more advanced tech, more dangerous aliens, and higher stakes than she’s ever faced. An adventure with narrow escapes, impossible rescues, harrowing spacewalks and splashdowns, multimillion dollar deals, marooned astronauts, and even some fistfighting. Girl on Mars is the sequel to Girl on the Moon, which Amazon reviewers called a realistic, intelligent barn-burner and a thoroughly enjoyable, imaginative, wild-ride of a story!

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Also by Jack McDonald Burnett

“Surprisingly, even better than The Martian.”

“Could not put it down, as it took me back to reading Heinlein’s juveniles from the 1950s.”

“This is a great story that just continues getting better and better. It doesn’t let up.”

Published by Kindle Press

“A satisfyingly complex novel, with very human characters.”

“A well thought out book with a wonderful cast of characters and terrific complex plot.”

“There’s absolutely no chance I would have written the last section like it was done in this book.”

Published by Kindle Press

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