Fifteen years ago tonight, as I write this (on October 30), Warren Zevon made his last appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. It was a valedictory, as Zevon had been diagnosed with fatal peritoneal mesothelioma. He died in September, 2003 after conceiving, writing, and recording his final album, The Wind.

The Letterman show was devoted entirely to Zevon, who played “Mutineer,” “Genius,” and Dave’s favorite, “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner,” with plenty of banter, memories, jokes, and poignant moments in-between.

Then came the kicker. Letterman asked Zevon how the diagnosis had shaped his life over the past several months. “You put more value in every minute,” he noted. “It’s more valuable now. You’re reminded to enjoy every sandwich.”

Enjoy every sandwich.

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